About Us


"We have always been about service." -Rock Gumpert, Chairman/CEO

In the spring of 2002, Tom Lange Family of Companies opened Lange Logistics, Inc., a full-service, multi-modal transportation company specializing in transportation solutions throughout the United States and Canada. Lange Logistics provides transportation services to a multitude of industries: paper, plastic, metal, printing, food, beverage, retail, automotive, and other sectors.

Transportation had always been viewed as a logical progression for the parent company, Tom Lange Co., due to the vast experience putting loads together to transport fresh produce across the country.

Lange Logistics’ system is to transport product to our customers as quickly as possible, bypassing the warehouse system and resulting in a fresher, higher quality product that arrives on shelves promptly.

“We have always been about service, and we’ve realized for some time the potential to expand our capabilities into the transportation industry. There is a much broader area in the field of transportation that can benefit from quality service.”  - Rock Gumpert, Chairman/CEO